Read the Introduction by Rev. Robert Maguire, D. D.

The Holy War by John Bunyan

Quick take:
The city of Mansoul, which represents the soul of man, unknowingly finds itself under attack by Diabolus, who represents Satan. The city is deceived to follow Satan in much the same manner as in the Garden of Eden. The ensuing chapters trace God’s operations to regain the city. After the city turns back to God, Diabolus attacks again to try to conquer once more. All aspects of life, attitudes, and character are represented by names, such as Mr. Hard-Heart and Mr. Carnal-Security. This is an epic story of good vs. evil.

My impression:
“The Holy War” is familiar to every believer in Christ. It is the battle of good and evil in daily life. I found many parts amusing such as Mr. Tradition, who is able to serve on both sides of the war; and the Diabolonian armor such as the “shield of unbelief.”

Important excerpt:
“Then the Prince called for the prisoners to come and to stand again before him, and they came and stood trembling. And he said unto them, ‘The sins, trespasses, iniquities that you, with the whole town of Mansoul, have from time to time committed against my Father and me, I have power and commandment from my Father to forgive to the town of Mansoul, and do forgive you accordingly.’ ”

Mr. Think-Well

The son of Mr. Mediation and the husband of Mrs. Piety.[3]

Mr. Mediation

The wealth of Mr. Let-Good-Slip was given to Mr. Mediation.[3]


The father of No-Hope (Evil-Questioning's wife).[3]


The wife of Evil-Questioning.[3]

Children of Evil-Questioning

The Children of Evil-Questioning:
1. Mr. Doubt
2. Legal-Life - died in a hold.
3. Mr. Unbelief - never caught.
4. Wrong-Thoughts-of-Christ - died in prison.
5. Clip-Promise - Severe judgement of being whipped and then hanged.
6. Carnal-Sense - escaped from prison and is not caught.
7. Live-by-Feeling - died in a hold.
8. Self-Love - judgement deferred.
9. No-Hope

Diabolonians left in Mansoul

Another group of Diabolonians left in Mansoul:
1. Mr. Fooling - Hanged in Want-Wit-Alley.
2. Mr. Let-Good-Slip - Executed by Lord Will-be-will.
3. Mr. Slavish Fear
4. Mr. No-Love
5. Mr. Mistrust
6. Mr. Flesh
7. Mr. Sloth


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